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Laser Fantasy - Laser Shows

Our library of Laser Shows cover a broad range of popular music. We have a show for nearly every taste. Laser Rock Shows last about an hour, Matinee and Educational shows run 30-40 minutes.


HECK Industries blends the perfect combination of art, animation, abstracts, and unique ideas to create outstanding award winning programs and productions. Planetarium style Laser Rock Shows are our specialty. Years of experience and creativity have produced the most extensive and award winning library of laser shows and song modules in the world.

The company may no longer be named Laser Fantasy, but the quality lives on with Laser Fantasy brand laser shows produced by HECK Industries.

Laser Shows

Planetarium Shows

Hour long rock shows

Showcase Songs

Songs in Pangolin format

Laser Animations

Individual sequences


Products: Laser Fantasy Laser Shows

Laser Fantasy - Showcase Songs

Our Showcase Songs are sold individually, so you can build your own production.  These modules are created to play back on Pangolin LD2000 systems, they feature unique stories and dynamic programming.

Laser Fantasy - Laser Animations

Over the past 30 years the Laser Fantasy Laser Animation library has grown to be one of the largest high quality image resources in the world.  If you are looking for a sequence to help you meet your deadline, we have you covered.

Laser Animations

Laser Showcase
Laser Shows

Laser Hardware

Lasers and Laser Projectors

HECK Industries works with the best hardware manufactures in the business to provide industry standard or custom laser systems which precisely meet

your needs.  Contact us for your complete laser show package.