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Founded in 1977 by Floyd Rollefstad, Laser Fantasy quickly grew to become a leader the planetarium laser light show market.  The company expanded into many facets of the laser display industry including Theme Parks, Corporate Events, School Tours, and Event Productions.  Over the years trends in the laser industry have come and gone, but Laser Fantasy has always provided top notch laser hardware and outstanding shows.  Following the retirement of the owner, a pair of long term employees started their own companies to carry the Laser Fantasy brand into the future.  The award winning art department is now helmed by Jay Heck under HECK Industries, and the hardware development is lead by Alex Hay under his company Photon Manufacturing.

Jay Heck started working in the Art Department of Laser Fantasy International in 1992.  He rapidly learned about laser show production and quickly rose to become the creative leader at Laser Fantasy.  As Art Director, he supervised one of the largest and most respected Art Departments in the laser entertainment industry.  Under Jay’s leadership Laser Fantasy achieved nearly 40 international awards for excellence, including a dozen attributed directly to Jay.  The Laser Fantasy Art Department provided artwork for custom installations, productions, planetarium theaters and other laser companies.  Jay Heck managed and produced one of the largest and most diverse laser show libraries in the industry, with nearly 100 hour-long shows, hundreds of individual song titles, and thousands of animation sequences.

Alex Hay now heads the hardware business with his company Photon Manufacturing.  Alex Hay worked for Laser Fantasy for more than a dozen years as a technician, project manager, optical  and electronic designer, system architect, and Director of Engineering.

Alex and his Engineering team have designed and built laser display hardware used on every populated continent. His history includes design of the first laser display controlled over WiFi, the first Ethernet-controlled laser, the first laser output device with a web interface, and the first laser projector with scientifically calculated color balance.   Alex has experience with the design and manufacturing of electronic controls and optical systems for medical devices, consumer products, and laser projectors.  He has designed and maintained display systems of all sizes, including major design and retrofit work on the laser systems at the Grand Coulee Dam and in Dayton Ohio, the two most powerful full-color laser systems in the world.

Hardware and general inquires

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Laser Show Art Department

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